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We’re here to help smaller streamers gain followers through our platform which is focused on the smaller streamer. We’re looking to build a good community of streamers and viewers who will provide feedback to one another on how to build a better stream and gain followers in the process. We’ve got a great points system that will allow you to gain points while watching fellow streamers and you can then use those points to get yourself featured on the main page. Best of all, the points are FREE! We’re not charging anything for this, though donations are certainly appreciated! You can find out more about points at your NewStreamers Profile Page If you’re a newer streamer who’s looking to gain followers, sign in using your twitch account and sign up to be in our pool of free streamers! No points required.

Why did we create this at all you ask?

Well, we are streamers ourselves, though not very good ones! We’d looked for things like this site and had found a few that just didn’t cut it. There are Twitch Streams offering to help but they’re just rebroadcasting you on their channel, often not actually hosting you. You can’t gain viewers that way. We’re hosting your stream on the site and any followers/chats will go directly to you, as it should be. We really want to help create a helpful community that can help you take off in the wild world of streaming. We need your help to do this! Please stay a while, chat it up with some streamers and let them know what you like about their stream and how they can improve. Things like a better-quality microphone, a better stream quality, or being more interactive with their viewers. Anything that can help is what we’re looking for. Speaking of help, let us know how we can improve your experience on this site. We’re always looking for good feedback! [email protected]