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A basic rundown of what we're doing here: We showcase streamers who sign up/have a smaller viewer count on the site to attempt to help you get more traffic. We do this by using the API that provides, and their iFrame embedding options to actually share your stream. Any viewers or followers you gain here are your viewers/followers, not ours.

We know that there are some small streamer services found on Twitch and likely other places that tend to rebroadcast your content under their own channel. We don't do this.

If you do have more questions about this, please let us know with the contact options below or check out the NewStreamers FAQ Section We hope you'll hang out, check out the forums and help make this community the best there is. We can't do it without you!

If all of this just doesn't sound like it's for you and you don't want to be seen here, let us know with one of the options below.

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