Frequently Asked Questions

For the Streamer:

Getting featured here is easy, and best of all it's FREE! Sign in using your Twitch© account in the upper right hand corner. Doing this will link your twitch account here and allow you to be featured in our Free section whenever you're online. You can also earn points by helping your fellow streamers out and watching them here.

Here at we have one goal. To help build a positive and constructive community of smaller streamers who'd like to help one another out by sharing advice, tips, and tricks on creating better content. We're focused on smaller streamers and helping them grow using this feedback and the growing community of streamers who are looking to build friendships and partnerships along the way. Join in on the fun and help out your fellow streamers.

Free streaming couldn't be much easier. Simply sign in using your Twitch Account, head to your Profile and then the Free Opt-In tab. From there you'll see a bit of info around what happens when you opt-in and the option to either opt-in or opt-out of being featured. Selecting Opt-In will allow you to be in the rotation to be shown on the Free Streamers section whenever you're online.

Becoming a Featured Streamer is both easy and free! To become a featured streamer simply collect points by watching your fellow streamers while on Collect your daily points as well by checking your profile each day. We hope that you'll both check here to gather your points and check your Stream Feedback tab to see if anyone has left you feedback about your stream. Once you have enough points, which won't take long, you can spend those points on time frames where you'll be in the pool of feature/front page streamers. Once you're ready points can be spent on the Purchase Featured Time tab in your profile. More info about these time options can be found there.

Well what we've done here is created a system to allow a random set of 7 streamers to show each time the page is loaded. This means that if you load on two computers or browsers you'll very likely see 7 different streamers on each window. We think this is the best way to let everyone have a shot at the front page and also allow your viewers to continue watching you without a timer forcing them to the next stream.

For the Viewer:

To start, we hope you're here because you're also a streamer who is looking for help on getting started or building a larger community around your channel. We're hoping you'll both find and help build a solid community of streamers who are eager to help one another and gain friendships and partners along the way. By using you'll gain points where you can be featured here on our site to help build up your following and gain priceless feedback from your viewers. We also hope that you will provide that same feedback to your fellow streamers. Receiving and acting upon feedback from actual viewers is crucial in helping grow your stream.

Points most importantly can be used to become a featured streamer. You earn points by watching your fellow streamers here on Points can actually be earned a few ways. The most common way to earn points is by activly viewing other streamers. You can also earn points each day you log in, by referring a friend to join us here, and by collecting your daily bonus points in your profile. There will likely be new ways to gains points in the future so keep an eye out!

All we can ask of you is that you have a good time. Interact with the streamers here. Provide them feedback both good and bad, we just hope you'll keep it constructive to help them learn and grow as a streamer. We believe that building a community like this will enable you all to become an unstopable force when it comes to helping new streamers out. One person may not know everything it takes to be a great streamer, but a community of helpful, active streamers willing to share their knowledge, tips, and tricks will be unstoppable. So get out there and share the wealth!

For Everyone:

Found a weird bug? Don't like how that page looks? Do you have an idea that can help you and your fellow streamers out? LET US KNOW! Seriously, we're always looking for good feedback around how we can improve your experience here. We'd like to make this a place that you actually enjoy visiting and streaming. We can't make this place the best it can be without your input!

Please let us know how we can improve by reaching out to us on our our Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch